We are pioneers in sustainable investing.

Established in 1995, Vancity Investment Management (VCIM) was one of the first wealth management firms in Canada to focus on investments that deliver competitive returns while making a positive impact on the world.

Today, we continue to lead the way, finding new and innovative investment opportunities that meet rigorous environmental, social, and governance standards. We provide tailored, discretionary management services to individuals, foundations, unions and other institutions that wish to generate wealth through sustainable, profitable, and responsible investments.

VCIM is a subadvisor to the IA Clarington Inhance SRI funds.


We are hands on.

We use shareholder engagement and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis to construct and manage our investment portfolios.

We are unbiased.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that the advice they receive is objective and that investments are made in a disciplined manner based on the investment goals.

We are coordinated.

Our team of portfolio managers and investment managers build portfolios cooperatively to ensure alignment between client expectations and fund performance.

We are proven.

Pioneers in socially responsible investment, we have a proven track record of generating competitive returns for our investors while improving environmental and social conditions.

We are connected.

As part of Vancity, VCIM is vertically integrated with a full range of Vancity services, including financial planning, estates and trusts, lending, and insurance.

Client service is very important to us at VCIM. We will go the extra mile in order to help our clients meet their goals.

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