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Our VCIM socially responsible investing (SRI) pooled funds are a great choice for members who want a secure, performance-driven investment option grounded in socially conscious investment practices.

Pooled funds are similar to mutual funds in that investors combine their investment dollars into pooled portfolio units, rather than individual securities.

With VCIM pooled funds, every company included is assessed on its environmental impact, employee and community relations, and corporate governance.

100% of companies included meet our high standards for responsible investing, so that you can invest in a better world and your future at the same time.

When you invest in VCIM pooled funds, you can feel confident knowing your investments are being actively managed by our experienced investment management team.

Our VCIM pooled funds minimize your risk as an investor while offering unique benefits, including:

  • Active management by the dedicated VCIM team of portfolio managers and analysts
  • No embedded or additional fees
  • Better pricing on investment transactions with savings passed along to investors
  • More diversification in your portfolio
  • Greater flexibility in investment choices
  • A performance-driven investment strategy

VCIM pooled funds are exclusive to VCIM clients, each offering a convenient way to lever our SRI investment process to serve their goals and priorities.

VCIM Bond Fund

A portfolio primarily composed of fixed income securities of Canadian government and corporate issuers, focused on preserving capital and generating income.

VCIM Canadian Equity Fund

A diversified portfolio of Canadian equity securities, focused on long term capital appreciation.

VCIM Income Fund

A portfolio primarily composed of high yield equities and fixed income securities of Canadian issuers, focused on providing a consistent level of income.

VCIM Global Equity Fund

A broad portfolio of equity securities from issuers located around the world, focused on achieving long-term capital appreciation.

Our portfolio managers can tell you more about each of the options and help you choose the funds that best align with your financial goals.

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