Howard Cadinha

Portfolio Manager

Howard works with private individuals, corporations, trusts and foundations to construct an investment portfolio that will help meet their specific objectives in keeping with their level of risk tolerance. Howard not only collaborates with the investment team to develop equity, fixed income and asset mix strategies, but with other investment professionals to deliver a higher level of investment advice that also includes financial and estate planning.

Howard has been serving VCIM members for over 20 years. Prior to VCIM, Howard worked as a Research Analyst with a private investment management company and has also worked with a major life insurance company. All together, Howard has over 25 years of financial and investment industry experience.

Howard has completed courses in Canadian securities and life, disability, property and casualty insurance. He has a well-rounded background to help his clients achieve their investment goals.

Every day, we work hard to ensure the companies you invest in are outstanding leaders when it comes to the environment, their employees, communities, and suppliers.