We are passionate about socially responsible

Hands on, dedicated, experienced, and passionate about the potential of socially responsible investing, the team at VCIM is here to help you align your investment strategy with your values.

We bring portfolio managers and investment managers together in a uniquely collaborative team structure that helps us to understand our clients and the companies we invest in on a deeper level. This collaborative approach enables us to make investment decisions that help our clients and the causes they believe in to thrive.

VCIM portfolio managers are registered with the British Columbia Securities Commission and work directly with individual and institutional clients to determine the right investment strategy and actively monitor and manage the account.

The VCIM investment management team are leaders in socially responsible investing in Canada and take an active role in building and managing investment portfolios that integrate ESG standards with fundamental financial analysis. As subadvisors to the IA Clarington Inhance SRI funds, they provide day-to-day investment decisions and shareholder engagement services for the funds.

VCIM Management & Relationship Development personel provides leadership, business development opportunities and compliance support to our teams.