Socially responsible investing

Vancity Investment Management is a leader in socially responsible investing.

We incorporate socially responsible investing (SRI) criteria incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors as a constraint within the investment process. We believe that companies with socially responsible corporate behavior are more likely to achieve superior investment returns for shareholders over the long term, and with less risk. Our fundamental research includes an assessment of each company’s impact on the environment, the community and of its labour practices. 

Industry Exclusions - VCIM will not invest in securities issued by companies whose primary line of business includes one of the following:

Your segregated account allows us to specifically tailor SRI criteria to your portfolio, including the exclusion of companies whose business may conflict with the goals of your organization.

Preferred Corporate Attributes - VCIM prefers to invest in companies with one or more of the following characteristics:

Shareholder Proxy Voting Policy
We use shareholder proxy voting as a valuable tool to influence corporate management regarding the SRI guidelines outlined above.  We work in collaboration with Vancouver-based Shareholder Association for Research and Education (“SHARE”) to develop a consistent and comprehensive corporate governance and socially responsible proxy voting process. 

Data Bases within the Screening Process
For SRI purposes, we make use of Sustainalytics (formerly Michael Jantzi Research Associates), a global leading provider of corporate research on environmental and social issues, for background information on the companies under analysis.

SRI Process

Shareholder engagement reports

For shareholder engagement activities and background information on how ESG issues affect shareholder value download our Shareholder Engagement Reports: