Discretionary Investment Management

Many individuals feel they do not have the time or expertise to properly manage their investment portfolio on a daily basis. Thatís where discretionary investment management can help. Our team analyzes, researches and selects the mix of high-quality securities most appropriate for your investment portfolio. Each investment is based on your personal objectives, risk tolerance, income needs and tax considerations. The team then provides proactive, day-to-day management of your investments to keep your portfolio closely aligned with your objectives.

Our goal is to achieve steady long-term investment performance consistent with your financial objectives. We do this by following a disciplined investing approach and by controlling risk through portfolio diversification and asset allocation.


Our investment management process is dynamic. That means your investment portfolio is continually monitored and adjusted to reflect changes in market conditions. Plus, you always have direct access to your portfolio manager so that you can discuss any aspect of your investment portfolio.

Whether youíre a retiree, an entrepreneur, a professional or a frequent traveller, our services enable you to consolidate your investments in one convenient location. By letting us do what we do best, you get peace of mind and the opportunity to spend more time doing what you value most, whatever that may be.

Institutional clients

Non-profit groups, unions and other organizations, can also benefit from our services. We can help maintain the sustainability and grow your longer-term funds and also allow trustees and board members to spend more time pursuing the organizationís primary goals, rather than tending to day-to-day investment issues.


Our investment management fees average approximately one-half what mutual funds normally charge for far less personalized services. Fees are normally tax-deductible for non-registered accounts.

Combined investment management and custodial fees start at 1.16% per annum, based on your portfolioís value. Fees tier down on portfolios over one million dollars. Our minimum account size is $500,000.