VCIM Advantage

Peace of mind
Your investments are made in a disciplined manner and are tailored to your specific investment objectives. You can take comfort in the knowledge that your money is professionally managed, freeing you from the worry of trading securities and watching markets. You can speak with one of our portfolio managers about your investments at any time.

Customized investment portfolio
Your account is completely segregated, holding only individual securities directly. This enables your portfolio to be fully customized to meet your unique needs and objectives.

We invest in high-quality bonds, stocks and other marketable securities, as opposed to mutual fund units or pooled funds. This allows for greater flexibility and personalization and for optimum tax efficiency, especially between your registered and non-registered portfolios.

Proven value
We offer a low-cost management-fee structure that compares favourably to other investment options. Mutual funds, for example, have average management fees about twice as high.

Our segregated accounts also have certain tax advantages. Fees for non-registered accounts are usually tax deductible. And since your account holds individual securities, it allows for potential deferral of capital gains taxes.

It all adds up to tax-effective investment flexibility that ensures your money is working hard for you at all times.

Disciplined investing, strong performance
Our investment philosophy is based on prudent investment principles. Our goal is to achieve consistent, above-average returns on your investments. We employ a disciplined, quality-oriented approach to investing that has resulted in steady long-term performance for our clients.

The Vancity advantage
As a member of the Vancity family of companies, we support local communities by sharing profits with a variety of social and environmental organizations and with our member-owners.